Evolver Industries is a Creative Consultancy located in Kemang – Jakarta Selatan, we are working on Promotional, Digital & Direct Marketing for our Lifestyle & Entertainment clients. We believe in hiring people we click with, people who are smarter than us! We’re looking for a trendsetter who has taste, self-motivated and passionate to take us places we haven’t been before.

You’ll be responsible for creating fresh, engaging visual communications in both offline and online media. You’ll be guided by the creative director and inspired by the rest of the team, but you’ll be expected to make everything your own.

Requirements: You’re confident when designing and presenting work, yet humble enough to take direction when it’s necessary. You were born with a sensibility for type, proportion and visual precision.

Be ready to work hard (but not too hard) with likable people and clients in lifestyle and entertainment industry.

I.Web Programmer


* Build, test and debug web applications
* Creating and implementing standards for tools and techniques for CMS implementation
* Developing and enhancing its current content management system


* Expert-level knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and PHP
* Familiar with Rich Internet Application (RIA)
* Excellent understanding of W3C standards and techniques
* Self-motivated, excellent analytical abilities, creative problem-solver, ability to plan and organize attention to detail
* Ability to communicate well with other programmers and non-technical team members



* You love design and are “pixel perfect”
* Amazing typography
* Mastery of the tools of the trade (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash/HTML)
* Understand the capabilities / limitations of offline and online media
* Understand Digital & Internet Marketing
* Love to experiment with new technologies and techniques
* Produce simple ideas that are shockingly well executed
* Huge plus if you’re good with Flash Actionscript / Illustration

Please send resume, salary history and expectation, recent photo and a link to your online portfolio or a PDF to jobs@evolver.co.id

Dateline: 14 Oktober 2008

About dianasihotang

dianasihotang TETAP dianasihotang.Moto-ku adalah BERBAGI karena dua tangan, dua mata, dua telinga, hati-akal fikiran, dan alat komunikasi, serta waktu yang ku punya sudah diberikan-NYA selama ini, kenapa tidak aku berikan dan gunakan untuk membalas kasih BAPA? Tentang diri-ku Siapakah diri-ku? Riwayat Hidup-ku? dan inilah niat BERBAGI-ku yang dipersembahkan HANYA untuk kemulian-NYA Selalu dalam salam KASIH DAMAI dari hati yang paling dalam. peace & love/~ds/dianasihotang

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